Tapas Is Just So Tasty!

As I have a tendency to do, I have just been treated to a delicious meal out, courtesy of my amazing boyfriend, and it was so yummy I just had to write about it! Those that followed my old blog will know that this happens all the time, so if you’re expecting a sports blog post then come back again very soon when I’ll most likely have a post about the upcoming Premiership season for you to enjoy!


Anyway, back to my meal. My boyfriend is a huge tapas fan. We’ve tried many MANY tapas restaurants in London and around the UK, and we both agreed where to get the best tapas in London. However, we recently visited our favourite restaurant and the owner told us that he also owns other tapas restaurants London.


london tapas bar

Because we’ve eaten at Drakes Tabanco so many times, we wanted to give one of the other restaurants a try so my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Copita in Soho. I can tell you that I was NOT disappointed!

Sometimes I wonder how restaurant owners can create different atmospheres in different restaurants. All too often, each restaurant looks like the next and there isn’t really anything different between one and the other. The thing that struck me most about Copita was how different it was than Drakes Tabanco. The atmosphere, the furnishings and the menu were very different indeed. Whereas Drakes in more traditional and serves cask sherry, Copita feels more vibrant and modern. Perhaps this is partially due to it’s location.

The standards we expect were still maintained though, with friendly service and delicious food. Their menu changes daily, and it is a “fresh” menu rather than a set one. Sliced ham, potato bravas and cheese platter were all delicious, but the menu may look very different if you ever visit!image1

This is some of the tastiest and freshest tasting tapas London (or anywhere in the UK for that matter) has to offer. I can’t decide if I prefer it to Drakes, we’ve had so many happy times in there, but it’s certainly as good as and we will certainly be dining in there again soon.





Yes, even Sportspeople need Prescription Sports Sunglasses For Playing Sports

As a prescription glasses wearer, I can tell you there is nothing more frustrating than having to remove my glasses when going for a hike, a swim or a run. Personally, I’m fitness nut (that’s why I created this blog!) and I never used to find it easy doing sports with my glasses on, or worse, without them on and being practically blind! Worse, we also want to look like the cool kids at the beach or during the summer. We can only imagine how our short and long sighted comrades that engage in active sports feel when they have to take off their glasses before any match or race. Well, they can breathe easy because you can now get prescription sports glasses or prescription sunglasses.


sports glasses

So what makes prescription sports sunglasses different from the usual? To begin with, their design is optimized for sportspeople. Actually, each sport has its various requirements for the perfect prescription eyewear. For example, football players require theirs to be attached to the helmet, those in the hunting or shooting game need to be shatterproof (as is the case with most of them) and for those in the athletics field need to be very fitting with a strap to protect them from flying off when zooming down the track.

Let me share an interesting statistic: About 40,000 eye injuries reported in emergency rooms in America alone are sports-related, according to Prevent Blindness America. So as a matter of fact, even when you do not need prescription sunglasses, you need to wear protective head and eye gear to protect you during a game.

There are other important reasons why any sportsperson needs to wear prescription sports sunglasses. To begin with, if you are near or far sighted, your performance is going to be hampered without your glasses. When you cannot see, you cannot duck away from the ball hurtling towards you at breakneck speeds. You may also have tiny flying objects enter your eyes and scratch your cornea and prevent you from performing at your best. Therefore, in order to put you’re a-game forward, get some prescription sports sunglasses. To enhance your performance, you can go for polarized sunglasses and these are those that have a protective coat for anti-glare purposes. This means that you can stare into glaring light or even perform at night.

prescription sunglasses

Another reason why you need prescription sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun. You may think that they must be made in boring designs, but there are companies that have done their research and now have prescription sports eyewear where you can interchange the lenses. You can move from clear to sunglasses with a few clicks.

There are lots are ways you can buy sports sunglasses online. Websites can now handle custom built sunglasses so that you can get any pair of sunglasses you want with the exact lens for your eyes. You will probably save money buying online too, as compared to visiting an opticians. I recently purchased a stunning pair of bolle sunglasses that were much cheaper than the high street and I built themself practically from scratch! Sportspeople can now heave a sigh of relief knowing that their eyesight will not hinder them from trying out or competing in their favorite sports.

If you’re looking to somewhere to buy prescription sports sunglasses then I can highly recommend http://sportseyewear.co.uk although there are many other similar suppliers online who I’m sure are equally reliable.

Celebrities and Their Sunglasses Celebrities and Their Sunglasses

Stars and Their Sunglasses

Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin - Bike Cycle Bicycle - 2015 - 0379
Source: Flickr

Stars ware different types of sunglasses, replica sunglasses, designer sunglasses, extra-large sunglasses according to their whims and fancies. The influence of Stars on fashion and design put on designer sunglasses likewise. Cine Artists, sports personalities, dancers, politicians have their influence on sunglasses. The totally free publications displayed at supermarket or medical shops or expensive stores primarily have ads with celebrities positioning with various designer sunglasses. Nothing has much buying influence on individuals aside from celebs. Naturally, sunglasses are the current and best fashion device, a symbol of condition among individuals. Celebrities influence the brand names of sunglasses through their attractive advertisements. Sunglasses are very functional and part of daily life. Sunglasses allow individuals to carry out multifarious activities throughout the hot sunshine and safeguard the eyes working as shield to the eyes. Sunglasses minimize wrinkling around the eyes and relieve the have to alleviate the squint in the face of the obvious sun. Sunglasses also secure the eyes from the UV rays of the sun, and avoid long term damage to the eyes.

UV protective film are fixed in most of the sunglasses. Definitely, stars pick the sunglasses with the above functions and people think that celebs’ sunglasses are very much useful to them. Celebrities have the cash to manage to use extremely costly and designer sunglasses and most of the top designer makes these sort of sunglasses. Designer provide a few of these costly pairs of sunglasses to the celebrities they select and make them to function as their brand name ambassador. This is a great sales advertising activity. Stars always need sunglasses for wandering around in celebration, public place and of course for style. The need for star sunglasses is for ever and is always alive in most of the shopping malls. People can not take their vision as given and recognize that eyes are exceptionally fragile and appropriate care to be provided the eyes so that there is no proper damage to the eyes. Safeguarding the eyes from brilliant sunlight is of critical importance. Designer celeb sunglasses are constantly much better than more affordable sunglasses that ruin the eyes. Designer celebrity sunglasses constantly bring out assurance and can be serviced quickly. Intense sunshine rays constantly affect the cornea and retina of the eyes. Thus, it is advisable need not go with bare eyes in intense sunshine. Replica sunglasses absolutely are the coolest in beach during the sun bath. Celeb sunglasses include sophistication to the character. Celebrity sunglasses bring out polycarbonate moldable frames and lenses. Metal frame sunglasses give rimless appearance. Designer sunglasses facilities have their salesmen and women put in shopping center to answer eye associated questions. How their sunglasses work to protect their eyes. The majority of the clothes makers are likewise into the star sunglasses field. They provide in addition to clothing, sunglasses also. These are glamorous as well as with a modern edge. Star sunglasses come out in different shapes and colors like timeless black, tortoise. People can graze through thousands of celebrity sunglasses showed in different shopping malls. Celeb sunglasses are likewise helpful gift products.

Back Issue Mags

Hello readers and welcome to my new blog. Many of you will know me from my free Blogger blog, where I wrote a lot about men’s and women’s sports fashion. I finally decided to move away from a blog and create my own website and here it is! I am still trying to figure out how to move all my old posts to this new site, I’m sure I’ll get there eventually!


For those of you that are new, I love sports and fashion and like to write about both. I’m also a bit of a “foodie” so don’t be surprised if I tell you about some of the best (and worst!) places I’ve eaten recently.

Let’s continue where we left off talking about Sports……